Customer Testimonials

"My grandmother is always the hardest person to buy for on my Christmas list.  This past Christmas I decided to send her a gift basket from Santa’s Candy Castle.  Months later, she’s still talking about how neat it was to receive a package postmarked from Santa Claus, Indiana.” -- Amy W., Lamar, IN

“I visited the Candy Castle at the beginning of August and totally fell in love with the frozen hot chocolate (dark chocolate flavor) and the homemade dark chocolate turtles.  You just don't find dark chocolate here in Chicago and the quality of your candy is so much better than any other I've had, including Fannie May.” -- Judy B., Chicago, IL

“I sent Santa’s Candy Castle confections as holiday gifts to my customers last year.  I received more positive comments and genuine thank you’s than in any previous year.” -- Todd S., Property Experts, Inc. 

“Our family vacationed in Santa Claus, Ind. this summer and I brought my Dad back a package of your peanut brittle.  I’ve never known my Dad to offer any suggestions when asked what he wants for Christmas.  So, congratulations on being the first suggestion that I’ve ever gotten from him!” -- Jennifer R., Nashville, TN

“Your reindeer shoes are absolutely fantastic!  We gave them as gifts to my husbands’ brothers and sister and they just raved about them.  Normally we never give the same gift twice, but we will definitely be ordering more reindeer shoes this year.” -- Susan C.,  Mount Vernon, IL

“Just wanted to share a few pictures of our trip to the candy castle and to say thank you for all the fun we had. The castle was one of the favorite parts of our summer vacation. The second picture is of Kyla eating a buttered popcorn candy cane. She can’t wait to make the trip from Indianapolis back to Santa Claus for more as she has finished her last one!" -- Angela B., Indianapolis, IN

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