Santa Claus, Indiana Postmark

Santa’s Candy Castle ships every order through the world-famous Santa Claus, Indiana Post Office.  Each package is stamped with the only Santa Claus postmark in the world.  In keeping with tradition that postmark is still applied by hand, the way it's been done since the Santa Claus Post Office was first created more than 150 years ago.

Every December, the Santa Claus, Indiana Post Office uses a large pictorial Christmas postmark which was designed by children.  The special postmark is used for only one Christmas season, and is then retired on Christmas day.  Collecting the annual Christmas postmark has become a fun holiday tradition for hundreds of thousands of people world-wide.  Why not start your collection this year.

Shipping Charges
Merchandise                 Shipping Charge
up to $19.00                 $6.95  
$19.01 to $35.00          $8.95  
$35.01 to $50.00          $10.95  
$50.01 to $75.00          $12.95  
$75.01 to $90.00          $14.95  
$90.01 to $125.00        $16.95  
Every $25 over $125     add $3

Delivery Timeframe

Unless specified otherwise, all orders will be processed for earliest possible shipment.  Due to seasonal order volume & mail processing, orders placed in November & December may take up to 14 days or more to arrive.  However, all orders placed by December 15 are guaranteed to arrive before Christmas.  Orders placed on or after December 16th will be processed as quickly as possible, but may or may not arrive in time for Christmas.

International Orders

Santa's Candy Castle does not accept interational orders though this website.  To inquire about international shipments, please contact us via the contact us tab on this website or call 812-544-2173.

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